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Why do you need physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a treatment that helps improve movement and relieve pain. Often times physical therapy is recommended by a physician but it doesn't always have to be. Many people will try to see a physical therapist first to relieve pain. It is typically a therapy that can help manage a chronic condition or to help a patient recover from a surgery.

Patients from all over Milwaukee, Wisconsin visit Keystone Physical Therapy in Brookfield to ease their pain, both from surgery and chronic conditions. If you are unsure about physical therapy and have pain you can contact us for an assessment.

A good plan with a qualified physical therapist can help you recover quicker after a surgical procedure. It also encourages movement which will ease chronic pain that you may be having in your back, shoulders, hips and legs. The plan that Keystone can develop for you gets you back to the activities you have always loved.

Our therapists located at Keystone which is just ten to twenty minutes from Milwaukee, WI share some things physical therapy can help with:

  1. Improve mobility, balance and strength

  2. It helps avoid surgery and provides better outcomes post-surgery

  3. Avoid injury

  4. Manage the effects on the body that occur with the aging process

  5. Help control a disease or condition

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