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What is Cupping?

Have you ever seen someone with dark red circles on their skin? These marks come from the treatment known as cupping, which uses cups to create a vacuum seal on the skin. This vacuum is said to help improve blood circulation, loosen muscles, and promote the removal of toxins from the body.

Cupping helps with inflammation, blood flow and any type of pain, and acts as a deep tissue massage. Creating a vacuum on the skin increases the amount of flow and warmth in the area. While cupping can be completed anywhere, it is most often used for neck pain and back pain.

Cupping can help to ease the symptoms of:

● Back pain

● Neck pain

● Knee pain

● Shoulder pain

● Arthritis

● Breathing problems

● Carpal tunnel syndrome

● Gastrointestinal disorders

● Headaches

● Migraines

● High blood pressure

There are multiple ways to perform a cupping procedure. Specifically, the “dry” and the “wet” method. In the dry method, your therapist will heat the inside of a cup. The heat then sends all oxygen out of the cup to create a vacuum seal. The vacuum then pulls your skin up into the cup. In the wet method, your therapist will lightly puncture your skin with a needle, causing toxins to leave your body through the puncture.

Although your skin will bruise from this procedure, they will likely fade within a week or two. The bruises might not be ideal, but the relief you will feel from the procedure is worth it.

If you are interested in using cupping in your treatment plan in the Brookfield, Wisconsin area, please reach out to Keystone Physical Therapy at 262-790-5775.

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