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  • Kelly Phillips

Three Stretches to Bring Relief to Carpal Tunnel Pain

Those who suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome will usually see it manifest with a tingling sensation and shooting pain in the hand or wrist. This can often be caused by repetitive motions, such as typing or playing an instrument.

Fortunately, there are many exercises that can help you break up the repetitiveness of these motions and relieve you from pain.

Wrist Stretch

Extend your arm in front of your body with your palm facing down. Use your other hand to apply pressure and bend your fingers and wrist downward and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat five times on both arms.

Wrist Circles

Making a fist, turn your wrist clockwise in circles five times. Repeat the exercise counterclockwise. Alternate on both hands in both directions, repeating 10 times each.

Wrist Extension

Holding your wrists flat, extend them with your fingers facing up. Hold this position for five seconds and repeat five times.

If you are experiencing any pain in your wrists or arms, we would be happy to help you create a recovery plan! Create an appointment here, we would love to work with you!

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