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  • Kelly Phillips

Exercises to Keep Your Core Strong - And Avoid Injury

Your upper and lower body are hinged by your back and core. Once one of these sustains an injury, you can feel it throughout your entire body.

Help reduce potential injury to your back by strengthening your core. Follow these exercises to work on your core to lessen the risk of hurting your back.

  1. 100 crunches

  2. 20 bicycle kicks

  3. 30 second plank

  4. 15 second left side plank

  5. 15 second right side plank

  6. 15 sit ups

  7. 30 scissor kicks

  8. 30 second plank

  9. 20 bicycle kicks

  10. 30 leg raises

Rest for 10 seconds and repeat 3-5 for best results. And as always, if you are having any pain in your back, or any other ailments throughout your body, please feel free to call us at Keystone Physical Therapy to put an action plan together for your recovery.

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