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Do you need a prescription to see a Physical Therapist?

The American Physical Therapy Association uncovered that almost 70% of people think they need a referral from a doctor to see us at

The state of Wisconsin where Keystone Physical Therapy is located has approved direct access to physical therapists so you do NOT need to go to a doctor when you are looking for physical therapy. This is a law that benefits the residents of Wisconsin because you can get services sooner rather than later. Direct access can also help patients save money by possibly avoiding medication, surgery and more. Physical therapy is a natural route to attain pain relief. Direct access varies state by state. Sometime there can be restrictions such as number of visits. Contact Keystone Physical Therapy for more information to guide you through your journey to wellness.

Physical therapists develop treatment plans for the musculoskeletal issues. These are problems found in your muscles, bones and tissues. Although there are times you can see a physical therapist without seeing a physician first that isn't always the case. Also we can help you with your insurance needs. Some insurance carriers will require a prescription.

Our physical therapists are part of your overall healthcare plan. Although you do not necessarily need a prescription to see one of Keystone's therapists you will receive a plan of your therapy that may include a visit to your doctor.

Our physical therapists are extensively trained through higher education and years of experience prior to being part of our practice. Their education and experience is one of the many reasons we are able to successfully get our patients back to their life.

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