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Sports Medicine

RAPIDFORCE products are state-of-the-art physio hybrid shapes. Stronger than therapeutic tape, yet more flexible than a brace, the shapes were designed as “flexible exo-skeleton” adhesive applications that reduce pain, improve joint stability, improve blood flow and promote healing.

Designed using the science of physiology and movement, the shapes are pre-cut, anatomically structured designs engineered using specially selected compression fabric and hypo-allergenic medical grade adhesives.

This unique combination of materials result in elastic tension 1500% higher than any other therapeutic tape and a universal stretching capability which, combined, offer higher stabilization while maintaining comfortable flexibility throughout the range of motion. Seven shapes are currently available including: X, V, I, U, L, Reverse-L, and Star.  Often referred to as “Tape 2.0” by athletes, athletic trainers and physical therapists, physio hybrid shapes are the next revolution for muscle support and pain relief!

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