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Your Key to Recovery is our One-on-One Approach.

Our Approach

Keystone Physical Therapy is a

family-owned private practice. We strongly believe there is a “right way” that therapy should be offered and performed. This includes private, one to one time with a highly skilled and talented physical therapist for the entirety of each visit. Our therapists will focus on you and only you for each and every appointment.

"I chose Keystone because I liked getting a personalized therapy plan and my therapist had a one on one session so I got all the attention which led to a speedy recovery."

Our Therapists

Every therapist at Keystone Physical Therapy has over 10 years of experience in outpatient orthopedics and sports medicine.


From chronic pain to post-surgical rehabilitation, our very skilled and highly trained therapists can help you!

We Are Network Providers with Major Health Insurances.


Contact Us

Thanks for Contacting Us! We will respond within 24 hours of receipt!

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